A benefit of using kettlebells is the ability to train each arm separately

If you have more than one kettlebell on your rack, you can still perform compound movements such as deadlifts and bench presses with each kettlebell.

In fact, you can even use the same movement to perform complex movements by combining several kettlebells in different ways. As long as you’re using the same movement, there’s little to no confusion on your part – and when you do get confused, just pick the most complex movement that you know how to perform with your kettlebells and make sure you use that. You can also use the same move for compound movements if you’re going to do so.

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Here are two deadlifts that all use the same deadlift motion. The first one is a traditional deadlift. The second one, however, requires the use of two kettlebells. The second one is to deadlift with kettlebells, and it demonstrates the advantages of using two kettlebells. When using a single kettlebell to deadlift, you have two options to choose from: you can use one hand for pushing off (knees bent and tucked far under the midsection) or you can use both hands. Using both legs for pushing off while performing the deadlift motion makes it even easier to perform that move with just one leg. This move involves putting the middle finger of the one hand on the lever (the deadlift position), then squeezing the kettlebell in the other hand and pulling against the power of gravity.

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The pull of the deadlift occurs in the same way in this move, so you do the same movement with one finger of the one hand on the lever, then with the other hand squeezing the kettlebell and pulling it up. If you’ve ever had to do a pull-up with a kettlebell, you know how awkward it is to use a single kettlebell when trying to pull the weight to the ceiling. Doing it this way also makes pulling the kettlebell to the ceiling much easier, too. Here’s an example – you’d perform a similar move with just one hand, but instead of having two fingers of one hand on the lever, you have one finger of one hand. You perform the other movement with the other hand, squeezing the kettlebell and pulling your arms.