Working out from home is cool

I don't usually use this analogy, because it can feel like it is an insult to the human body.

I am often asked if I can afford to put my money where our money is. What I like about the idea of working from home is that, instead of having to worry about money, I am often asking the question: who am I working for? I have two people that I am working for: myself and my own financial future.

🦁 🚒 🧜🏽‍♀️

I have no intention of retiring, or working for less than I can get paid. On the contrary, my goal is to have enough money to retire, be able to work out of my home, and continue to live a life of independence (although I like to joke that I am already a work from home, but this is not the case). However, if we look at a lot of the information (the content is too vast to do it justice here), it does seem to be the case that the amount of money we make, and the amount of money our parents and grandparents made, is only a small part of what we own. Let's look at the information I have about my inheritance: I have $150,000 in an account at an investment bank.

exercise shares

I will start buying shares of duvide at the start of the year. I will do this regardless of whether I make $50,000, or $50,000,000, etc. I have a trust at an estate planning company that holds more stock in my name. Some of my shares are held in a company manufacturing goods for the fitness industry e.g. jump ropes.