When you're training for a weightlifting competition

... your job is to get the weight you want to perform to your top strength.

So how heavy will you be, and how strong will you be, when you're in the big lifts? In a nutshell, the answer is, it depends. With the snatch, it depends on your strength and technique to get the weight to your top strength. With the clean and jerk, it depends on your technique and speed on the catch to get the weight up to your top strength.

man lifting barbell

The Powerhouse Snatch: If you spend a lot of time watching Olympic lifters, then you know that they throw down on the world's heaviest barbell that they can physically handle. But what you probably didn't know is that they rarely actually lift that heavy barbell. Instead, they develop a power snatch that gives them a huge advantage in the snatch, and in all the other lifts from there on out. A power snatch is a snatching movement that gets you to the heaviest weight you can handle without using your arms. Power snatches are actually a little more complex than the clean and jerk. They involve a lot of body movement when the bar is dropped, which makes them more similar to the clean and jerk.

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In a power snatch, you use your body weight to push the barbell straight up into the air while simultaneously pulling yourself out of the way. In other words, you push yourself into the rack, get the bar out of the rack, and then pull yourself out of the way to drop the bar straight down and into the bottom of the rack.