Reap the benefits of jumping rope: a low-impact cardio workout

Full-body workout that builds endurance and burns calories.

And if you're someone who hasn't been running much lately, don't worry! The weight you use for cardio isn't as important as maintaining a cardiovascular output of 60-70% for 30-45 minutes.

woman jumping-rope down

Of course, if you're looking for an even greater challenge, consider incorporating both cardio and weight training into your routine. Remember, the key is to keep your cardio workouts focused on cardiovascular health and not on strength training.


If you have access to a treadmill or a bike, use them to increase your cardio output even further. And, if you do have a treadmill, consider combining both cardio and weight training for a well-rounded workout.


But, if you're looking for a low-impact, fun, and efficient way to get your cardio in, jumping rope should definitely be at the top of your list. So, grab your training jump rope and start reaping the many benefits of this amazing workout today!