Missed rope jumps are not the opposite of success, they are part of success

You cannot control these misses, that's just what they are.

But knowing when to hit the jumps, is knowing when you're going to win. If you are going to hit it, and you are going to miss it, in the end it does not matter. At least you know you're going to win and you know you're going to get to the next jump.

next jump with jump ropw

Sometimes I am wrong, and sometimes I am right. The only thing that is important is that you know when to stop. Jumping from a boat does not help you to learn. But if you jump from a horse or jump from a ski, you learn. The best way to teach you is to jump into the river. I can't imagine what you mean by the word 'taught.' Is it the method of teaching which is interesting or what you mean by 'taught' in the context of a jump-off? The idea behind jumping from the river is that it is easy to do, the idea behind jumping off the horse or ski is that it's also easy to do, but it's better to do a jumping practice like this because you've got some control over the distance and the length of the jump.

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You can't jump too high with the river jump, you've got to try your hand at that. You can't jump too far into the water with the horse jump, you've got to try your hand at that. But the jumps which really count are only the jumps you do with your training jump rope.