Learn to breathe and let the weight of your body and the pressure of your stress melt away

Take time to feel the sensations and let your body go.

Allow the pressure of the day to disappear. Relax your shoulders and let the weight melt away. Make the effort to bring your right elbow close to your right knee. Breathe slowly and relax. Your body should melt into the effort of this position.


Bend forward slowly. Relax any tension you feel in your back and try not to bend your back any more than absolutely necessary. Relax your shoulders, and feel free as you fold yourself deeper and deeper into the stretch. In this position, there may be a sense of heaviness, of letting go and releasing pressure. Allow it to be there, and rest in the experience. You can try and move back into a "normal" position, but if you feel as though there is any more stress or tension in this position, you can bring yourself back up to a new higher level. You may want to come all the way back up to the level of being in a semi-prone position.

🕜 👽

Come up slowly, bringing yourself back to a seated position, making sure that your shoulders and back feel completely free and empty as you return to the upright position. Come up slowly, bringing your hands back to your sides. When your hands are back down, take a large inhalation. Notice the change that is taking root in your body as you release the energy. Close your eyes, making sure you are still feeling completely free and empty.

Now it is tine to start your jump rope workout program.

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